The Nelly vs. Ludacris battle took place on Saturday (May 16th) night, and while it was certainly a night to remember, some technical difficulties and questionable song choices on Nelly's part had everyone making jokes.

ludacris nelly Verzuz battle reactions jokes wifi connection internet technical difficulties viewers instagram liveScott Gries/Getty Images

Although the event was meant to begin at 7:00pm EST sharp, Nelly was having some issues with his Internet connection due to the bad weather in St. Louis, which delayed the start time. He and Luda were linked for a minute, but unfortunately, he eventually had to hop off and wait for the storm to pass. Once he returned, things kicked off, and the two rappers took the time to commend each other for their impressive achievements and impact and influence on hip hop.

Despite the positivity the two of them were putting out there, the evening was often plagued with further technical problems on Nelly's part, as his sound would often cut out and his screen would start breaking up or just go blurry. Many began comparing him to Teddy Riley, who endured similar problems during his Verzuz battle with Babyface. Additionally, some fans were confused when Nelly would retaliate Ludacris' hits with some relatively unknown or just less popular songs. However, Nelly didn't let any of this stop him from having the time of his life.

Most people agreed that Luda was the ultimate winner, but all in all, it was a great night celebrating two hip hop heavyweights. Watch the full battle below: