Nelly decided to bless the masses with a little Hip-Hop history this weekend as he brought into question what he deems to be hip-hop’s biggest “What If?” when he referenced the 1989 car accident that left The D.O.C. without the ability to speak, cutting his newfound career short.

“Listen, I know a lot of people got they own opinions about Hip hop but the biggest what if in Hip Hop has to be The D.O.C.,” he noted in a new video. “It has to be. The D.O.C. has to be the biggest what if in Hip Hop history. Like if you know anything about Hip Hop and you research it [… ] I love all my young niggas. I don’t knock y’all. I support all my young brothers but the biggest what if has to be D.O.C.

The Dallas-bred emcee regained the ability to speak again 2009 after undergoing surgical reparation and speech therapy, but after a decades-long impairment, Nelly’s argument certainly holds water when it comes to what could’ve been of the southern spitter’s career.

“One album — that’s all you got. One album,” he added. “I would say Biggie but Biggie at least got off two albums and we all recognize him as being one of the greatest but the biggest what if is The D.O.C. nigga. Do your research.”

The D.O.C. previously revealed that he was working on new music, however has yet to provide any concrete details on when we should expect to hear it.

Chime in with your thoughts below. Does Nelly have a point?