While Nelly hasn't really made too many waves  in the rap game in recent times, he still managed to make a few headlines. The rapper was accused back in October of raping a girl on his tour bus after a show in Washington. He's denied it and many of his rap friends, including T.I. and Akon have chimed in to reiterate his innocence. Since then, his accuser has stated that he's intimidated her and has also refused to testify. At the time, the D.A. still wanted to pursue charges but that seems to have gone out the window.

Nelly's rape trial has officially been dismissed by the prosecutor, TMZ reports. They say the King County Prosecuting Attorney's office isn't going after Nelly or pursuing charges anymore due to the fact that the alleged victim wasn't cooperating with them. They say because she wasn't willing to testify, it made the case impossible to move forward with criminally charging Nelly of any crimes he was accused of.

After stating she wouldn't testify, she made a statement saying she wanted to put a full stop to the investigation of Nelly. Her lawyer spoke out for her saying that she felt the justice system has already failed her due to Nelly's public persona. On top of that, she felt the detective behind the investigation also failed her after he disclosed the fact they had a meeting, something she was told wouldn't be notified to the public.