Nelly's upcoming trip to the middle east is not being welcomed by many. The "Hot In Herre" rapper has a gig lined up on December 14th in Saudia Arabia but many Saudis have expressed their discomfort with the country's Entertainment Authority, since Nelly has negative headlines associated with his name.

Some social media users have pointed to Nelly's 2015 guilty plea of possession of marijuana, a taboo topic in Saudi Arabia since smuggling of drugs is punishable by death and possession of drugs is a major crime. Since a lot of Nelly's songs are about women taking their clothes off, drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana, lots are curious as to which songs he'll even have a chance to perform. 

Some also find it disgraceful that his male-only concert is being sponsored considering the recent rape accusations against the rapper. 

Nelly's performance in Saudi Arabia is just a small step for the country's plan to rejuvenate Saudi leisure activities. The Saudi kingdom is in the midst of a reform led by 32-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who has a reported budget of $2.7 billion to bring more events like these to the middle east. 

What do you guys think? Should they have picked another act to perform?