The controversy surrounding net neutrality is still going strong with many big sites adding pop-ups for its users to vote against the move to ensure equal access on the internet.

Reddit, Etsy and Kickstarter are just a handful of online platforms that warns its visitors that if this proposed move by the Federal Communications Commission goes through, things will drastically change the way users can commonly visit the website. Some of the bigger sites, such as Google and Facebook, seem to have taken a backseat when it comes to showing which side they are on. Harold Feld, a senior vice president at Public Knowledge, tells The New York Times that these big sites are trying to keep a low profile since they have already received backlash for their role in the presidential election and have been called too powerful by lawmakers.

“First, the major tech companies are very aware that Washington has turned hostile,” Harold said. “In this environment, the big tech companies try to keep a low profile and play defence rather than take positions that draw attention. So with the dangers of standing up in D.C. greater, their existential concerns about net neutrality reduced because of their own massive size and a desire not to spook investors, it is unsurprising that Silicon Valley giants have melted into the background and have preferred to work through their trade associations."

The University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy was surveyed on the possible move where 83% were not in favour. The FCC will be voting this Thursday to determine if the way we surf the web will change forever.