Netflix's upcoming Will Smith blockbuster Bright has received a lot of attention with its hip-hop studded soundtrack and reported $90 million dollar budget. The action film follows two police officers - one a human and the other an orc (played by Joel Egerton) - who embark on a mission to save their city, and ultimately their world, from ending. 

The latest on the anticipated film is that it's made some history as the first film to start a franchise off a streaming platform. Bright will hit Netflix on December 22nd and Netflix has already signed on to make the sequelBusiness Insider reports that this endeavour marks the first ever streaming service movie franchise. 

It's no surprise that Netflix has hit a new record in the Hollywood movie-making lane considering how its already taken over the way we watch T.V. More and more people seem to be opting out of cable packages over the cheaper option of just getting a Netflix account - or using a friends. Either way, let's hope all the hype surrounding the film is worth it making this milestone one that's in the right direction. 

Check out the trailer for Bright below. Are you guys into it?