Over the past few weeks, Tiger King has become the biggest phenomenon on the internet, aside from, you know, the pandemic we are currently living through. The docuseries debuted on Netflix back on March 20th and it follows the exploits of Joe Exotic who finds himself wrapped up in all sorts of trouble. Exotic owned his very own tiger zoo in Oklahoma although things don't exactly work out according to plan.

Ever since the release of the show, fans have been begging for an eighth episode that follows up with all of the characters. Luckily for all of us, Netflix has answered our prayers as today, they announced The Tiger King And I which is an "after show" experience hosted by comedian Joel McHale.


This show will have interviews with various members of the original docuseries, including Jeff Lowe, Saff, and the Tiger King himself. This is surely going to be an incredible experience for fans and perhaps it will give us some insight into how the cast members are coping with their newfound fame.

If you're looking forward to watching this, you will be able to catch it as of Sunday, April 12th so be sure to head over to Netflix on that day. This is certainly going to be must-watch television.