Netflix appears to have put an end to speculation regarding the upcoming plans for Black Mirror following the latest installment of the Bandersnatch interactive movie. For one thing, Season 5 and the Bandersnatch are not one and the same. Secondly, Netflix spoke with writer/journalist Scott Bryan about their intentions in the new year, and it would seem a full-length, episode-driven Season is in the works for 2019 - a complete U-Turn from the previous reports that show creators didn't care to dispute.

That gives us a few leads as to what Season 5 is shaping up to be in 2019. So for one, it should resemble the other four seasons in structure and length. The other revelation still righteous in the eyes of entertainment media specialists is the casting of Miley Cyrus in an unspecified role. "If you guess it, then I will shake my head yes or no," she told Howard Stern, who surmised it was a "yes" with any attestations on-air.

There's a hope this news drop will appease all the Apple TV and Chromecast users who have been unable to get Bandersnatch's interactive narrative-play to work on their so-called "outdated devices." Black Mirror blur the lines between Sci-Fi dystopia and our clear-cut reality. What'll they come up with next?