Kevin Hart previously teamed with Netflix for Black History Month when he starred in the Guide to Black History series where he used his comedic skills to relay significant moments in history made by Black individuals and how those moments have impacted society today. Kevin's latest and most exciting announcement with the platform is his upcoming Kevin Hart: Irresponsible: Standup Special.

The Netflix original premieres April 2nd and features Kevin's live standup from London's O2 Arena that was a sold-out show. "The word is out people....Mark your Calendars for April 2nd. My "Irresponsible" comedy special will be debuting on Netflix. I am beyond excited about this one. Let's gooooooooo," he captioned the announced on Instagram. 

“In the beginning, I was trying to be versions of what I saw or what other people were doing,” Kevin previously told Variety when discussing his career. “It was all, What’s the new shtick? ‘Oh, man, everyone’s coming onstage and they’re using music. I need to give them some music or I need to be loud.”

Kevin's definitely secured the best version of himself, which lead to the numerous sold out venues around the world. Peep the trailer above and let us know if you're marking your calendar to catch the premiere.