In the days of "fake news" and media hype, BuzzFeed is aiming to give the world a look at the work that goes behind true investigative journalism and dedicated reporting. They will accomplish this task by highlighting their own employees in a new series.

Netflix will be adding the new docu-series to their ever-growing catalog of original content. The news and media site BuzzFeed is teaming up with the streaming service to deliver a series that will document the work of the reporters that work for the site. According to Variety, the series will be entitled Follow This, and it will feature 20 episodes that are each 15 minutes in length. Each episode will be released weekly, unlike most of Netflix’s series which debut the entire season at once.

“We’re thrilled that Netflix saw the drama in the work of our journalism and the stories we tell,” Ben Smith, the BuzzFeedNews editor-in-chief stated. “And we’re so pleased to have brought what we’ve learned to Netflix’s unmatched audience.” The first episode is entitled “The Internet Whisperers," and it follows Scaachi Koul who investigates the “head orgasm” experience of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response).

Follow This premiers worldwide on Netflix July 9.