Netflix has a penchant for green-lighting documentaries about the Narco trade, they know what the proletariat want to hear-watch: only the most sensational programming they can possibly muster. So, without further ado, Netflix is adding Legend of Cocaine Island to the conversation, the trailer debuting a few hours ago on YouTube.

As a warm voice lets us know within the opening seconds of the trailer, "A northern fairy tale starts off 'Once upon a time,' a southern fairy tale starts off 'Y'all ain't gon' believe this shit,'" And so it begins - the search for an isolated patch of land with $2 million dollars worth of cocaine hidden beneath the soil.

The film's director Theo Love jumped on board back in September when Netflix purchased the rights to the finished project after witnessing it steal the show at the Tribeca Film Festival. Love openly admits that Legend of Cocaine Island isn't a documentary in the traditional sense because the creative team went to great lengths to render it entertaining.

So in closing, if you ever hoped to see Treasure Island revisited with a Narco-twist, Legend of Cocaine Island might be right for you. Look out now: it drops on March 29th right as the monthly-programming should be thinning out. Hit us with your thoughts.