Netflix is market testing a mobile-only subscription in foreign markets.

If successful, the lesser version will debut in North America at an affordable rate of $4 dollars per month. The Netflix heads want to be sure the consumer market is interested in an adjusted service at a cut-rate, and secondly: rigid pricing may be of interest in expanding markets where rigid pricing is a major deterrent.

Even if the beta-testing doesn't amount to reforms in the North American subscription plan, the mobile-only version of the service should do well overseas, where 79 million of Netflix's entire customer-base currently resides. The initiative will also help Netflix fend off the many competing forces in Asia who offer streaming services at a $3 dollar rate, include iFlix, currently operating in 28 different countries throughout the Asian peninsula.

In order to cope with competitors like iFlix, Netflix is also doubling its content across Asia, in order to make up for the price differential, including 8-continental releases (originals) and a serialized TV show filmed and produced in India. 

With that being said, Netflix may never come around to changing their pricing plan in North America, but the foreign testing does speak levels about its commitment to take over the Globe, one polling station at a time. Would a cheaper mobile-only Netflix be of any interest to you?

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