After pretty much destroying the movie rental industry, Netflix is releasing a documentary about the last Blockbuster. The film is called The Last Blockbuster and it shows never-before-seen footage of employees, fans, and more. The trailer is filled with nostalgic moments that capture the magic the once filled the air when adults and kids would flock to rent their favorite films. 

The Last Blockbuster Official Trailer from PopMotion Pictures on Vimeo.

The last Blockbuster in the world is located in Bend, Oregon. The documentary’s official Facebook page states, “A lot of people know that Blockbuster had the chance to buy Netflix early on and they passed on the opportunity. In an ironic twist of fate, our movie The Last Blockbuster is coming to Netflix one week from today. We are beyond excited for people to get to see this tribute to era of home video on the world’s largest streaming service. Just don’t forget to rewind it when you’re done watching it and bring it back by noon on Wednesday.” Streaming in general looks like it will kill many more industries in the next decade, with more and more people switching from cable to apps like Hulu or Disney+. The Last Blockbuster premieres on Netflix on March 15.