Netflix is bringing their hilarious adult cartoon series BoJack Horseman back for a fifth season, and the new trailer for the series is amazingly chaotic. Even if you haven't watched a single episode of the series, you'll still be fighting laughter as you watch the minute and a half trailer. 

BoJack is a humanoid horse character who was famous in the 90's for a tv series he starred in. In this new generation, BoJack is having some trouble finding work. His ups-and-downs in Hollywood (or Hollywoo as it's called in the show because someone stole the "D") are chronicled through the show's first four seasons, but it looks like the horseman will get his lucky break this season. 

Then again, maybe not. BoJack has though his career would correct itself on several occasions. This new trailer shows BoJack getting a starring role in a series, but the chaos that ensues afterward seems to point at the fact that he will once again be disappointed at some point. There's enough adult humor in BoJack Horseman to keep even the crudest of humors satisfied. The continued relationship between Hollyhock and Bojack will also be a main plot point this season. BoJack Horseman will touch down on Netflix September 14.