Gregg Popovich's future in San Antonio has been a highly-debated topic over the last few years, especially with various Spurs legends retiring from basketball. Throughout his time in San Antonio, Popovich has won five NBA championships and his regarded as one of the best coaches ever. However, the Spurs just aren't the same team anymore, and some think Coach Pop might want a change of pace, moving forward. This could especially be true since he only has a couple of years left under contract.

According to Gerald Brown of the Let's Get Technical podcast, Popovich could be approached by a team like the Brooklyn Nets. In fact, Brown has heard rumblings that the Nets are looking to make a real push for Popovich and even want to give him a Godfather offer. Simply put, one he couldn't refuse.

Popovich to the Nets is an interesting notion especially since Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are on the team. Reports are circulating that the two want a coach who can instill a culture of winning, and Coach Pop is certainly that guy. Not to mention, Kyrie and KD are both strong voices when it comes to social justice, which is another area in which they align with Popovich.

Stay tuned for any updates as we will be sure to bring them to you.