Dragon Ball FighterZ started the year off with a bang, becoming one of the biggest launches for a digital fighting game. Fans quickly jumped at the opportunity to play as their favorite characters in the Dragon Ball universe. Shortly after its release, Bandai Namco announced two incoming fighters who will be added as downloadable content (DLC): Bardock and Broly. They had brief appearances in a teaser, but the latter was just revieled in a gameplay trailer.

After literally rushing in to battle, you can see that Broly's sheer sized is unaltered; he's a hulking figure nearly twice Goku's size. Considering his size, you'd think he'd be a slow character. However in the trailer, you can see him making quick grabs and jabs. The heavy hitter can be heard laughing maniacally throughout the fight as he tosses his nemesis around. He won't be as over-powered as he is in the anime, but there are no clear signs of weakness in this teaser.

 It's unclear when this character, or Bardock, will be arriving to battle. They are just two of the eight DLC characters announced. If you bought the "Dragon Ball FighterZ Fighter Pass" you can expect these characters to be waiting for you. Otherwise, you'll need to fork over some money to unlock the power of the Saiyans.

[via Gamespot]