The shooting of Stephon Clark was tragic and unnecessary, and as new footage and audio is being released, it only makes the police involved look more suspicious. According to CNN and The Sacramento Bee The Sacramento Police released over 50 new video and audio clips from the night Clark was murdered. As a quick recap, police were called to the scene after someone told dispatchers that a thief was in the area moving through backyards. Police shot and murdered Clark after they saw him entering his grandparent's backyard because they claimed he was armed. Clark was only carrying his cell phone.  

The new footage presents so much new evidence that it may be hard to wrap your head around. Most notably, police wait for over five minutes to attempt to resuscitate Clark after shooting him multiple times. Officers handcuff and search Clark, who was slowly dying or already dead, after waiting for five minutes to approach his body. It took them about a minute to handcuff and search his body, which was done before they attempted CPR.

To make matters worse, several police officers are seen and heard muting their camera microphones. At one point, after several officers approached the scene, one cop can be heard saying. “Mute it." He is met with the reply “Sir.” Another officer says "Wait" as the cops begin to speak prompting them to hold their conversation while he also mutes his mic. That is only one circumstance. Another officer states, “I'm throwing my camera on mute." He then proceeds to walk around Clark's body.

There is a mountain of footage to go through, and incriminating evidence continues to stack up as the public sifts through what has been an absolutely unacceptable and unprofessional tragedy. All 53 videos can be viewed here