There's not much new information about Adolf Hitler that can still leave the general public pretty flabbergasted considering the historical atrocities he is responsible for. Defying all odds, however, a new documentary series focusing on Adolf Hitler's sex life claims the criminal Nazi Germany dictator was allegedly into sadomasochism and engaging in sexual acts with his niece. 

Hitler's Secret Sex Life is a Sky History docuseries aimed at exploring the abundance of rumors surrounding Hitler's sex life. While he presented himself in the world as a celibate man, notably keeping his 14-year relationship with Eva Braun a secret, over the course of the four episodes in the documentary series, historians claim Hitler engaged in voyeurism.

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Additional claims made in the documentary include that he had his personal doctor inject him with bull semen to boost his libido and that he had an incestuous relationship with his niece Geli Raubal. Nineteen years younger than the dictator, she committed suicide at his Munich apartment in 1931. The documentary suggests that they had a sexual relationship that lasted as long as six years and Otto Strasser, a former Nazi party member, previously claimed Raubal reported Hitler wanted to perform sexual acts that were, "simply repulsive.”

Apparently, he didn't just want to have sex with his relatives. He also was an alleged avid engager in S&M acts. “Sado-masochistic practices fit perfectly in with Hitler’s personality," Australian professor and historian Robert Kaplan explained. "He internalized everything he didn’t like, like the losses in his life, and he projected his rage on everybody. It’s quite feasible that somebody like that would have these sexual practices."

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More claims about the Nazi leader's sexual preferences include an alleged porn addiction, and one historian in 2016 suggested he may have been into excrement play.

Considering the systems of torture the former dictator was able to inflict on other individuals, the news does not come as a complete shock. Albeit, still pretty disturbing

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