The COVID-19 pandemic rolls on as rumors of a second stimulus check circulate and another lockdown looks to be on the horizon. As other countries are flattening their COVID-19 curve, cases in the United States continues to rise. People have taken to the streets to protest against mask mandates and some have even pulled out guns on those telling them to wear masks in stores. There have been threats of violence, bizarre behaviors, and viral videos showing people looking as if they've lost their minds just because people have told them to stand six-feet away or cover their mouths. However, that hasn't stopped many people from continuing to party together in private locations.

Airbnb, mansion party, New Jersey
Carl Court / Staff / Getty Images

Bars and nightclubs may be shut down, but Airbnb has become the go-to app to help people organize events in private settings. Investigators in New Jersey have come forward to say that on Sunday ( July 26), police had to shut down a 700-person mansion party in Jackson Township. It's reported that neighbors called authorities to complain of a loud party, something that went against mandates regarding large gatherings.

Responding officers immediately called the home's owner who told them that he rented out the 3,700+ property on Airbnb and had been at the location, but left when the guestlist hit 200 people. The owner, Yaakov Weiss, along with the party's two organizers, Patience Guanue and Alicia Hinneh, were all charged with violating the governor's orders. The streets were clogged with approximately 100 cars as officers attempted to break up the gathering and get everyone out of the exclusive neighborhood.

“We strongly condemn the reported behavior, which represents both a clear violation of Airbnb’s community policies and a particularly serious abuse during this public health crisis,” Airbnb spokesperson BenBreit said.