The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand at an alarming rate. If anyone thought the defeat of Thanos would mean that Marvel and Disney would slow down was sadly mistaken. On top of a slew of new TV shows, Kevin Feige made sure to circle back and release new trailers for the already announced shows that were set to drop this year before the pandemic shut down movie production. 

The new Falcon and The Winter Solider trailer hints at a storyline that delves into the experiments that brought Captain America to life. Falcon seems to struggle with the past behind the shield, and the enemy appears to by a mix of a terrorist group and Baron Zemo (the villain from Captain America: Civil War). US Agent, a villain turned Captain America replacement anti-hero that is more like The Punisher than Steve Rogers, will also play a part in the series. 

The new Loki trailer shows what happens the moment the villain escapes in Avengers: Endgame. He is captured and arrested by the TVA, or what is known in the comics as the Time Variance Authority. They watch all of the timelines and multi-verse across the known universe. Of course, with all the time tampering the Avengers and now Loki have done, the TVA has taken notice. It is good to see the MCU deal with the fallout of the time-traveling madness of Endgame

WandaVision showcases Scarlet Witch's descent into madness after her own death and resurrection plus the death of her lover, Vision. The show somehow resurrects Vision, but fans know that something is amiss. Wanda's reality-altering powers are obviously in play here, which have yet to be shown in the MCU. This show appears to have hints of the comic storyline "House of M."