A new study on addictions.com has made a shocking claim. After a thorough analysis of over 1.41 million songs, the website has concluded that hip-hop is the genre with the least amount of drug references. Other genres in the study include rock, pop, jazz, folk, electronic, country, and other. The website combed through song lyrics, seeking the following terms:

acid, adderall, addy, ativan, bars, blotter, blow, blues, blunt, bud, buddha, chronic, cid, cocaine, coke, crack, crank, dank, dope, dose, doses, dro, ecstasy, gak, h, heroin, hydro, ice, joint, key, lean, lortab, LSD, lucy, Marijuana, MDMA, meth, methamphetamine, microdot, molly, morphine, oxy, oxycontin, perc, Percocet, Percocets, piff, pill, pot, powder, purp, Promethazine, roxy, speed, sizzurp, spliff, syrup, tab, tabs, tar, tweak, upper, Valium, vicodin, weed, white, x, and Xanax.

The study concluded that country music had the most drug references, with hip-hop sitting at the opposite end of the spectrum. Rather unsurprisingly, weed was the drug most favored by rappers, and the emcees with the highest amount of references were: Kottonmouth Kings, Eminem, The Game, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Tech N9ne, Too Short, ICP, Bone Thugs & Redman.

Honestly, it's hard to argue with statistics, especially when the people behind this survey clearly put more effort into amassing this data than I did, but...really? How is this even possible? It seems as if every rapper has made at least one song about drugs. At least.

Check out the full extent of the survey right here.