A new poll conducted by AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research reveals how a majority of Americans still believe Donald Trump is a racist, and has made things imminently worse for African Americans, Muslims and Hispanics. 

When analyzing the specifics of the survey, it is revealed how 57 percent perceive Trump's policies as detrimental for Muslims, alongside the 56 percent who believe the POTUS' policies are not particularly favourable for Hispanics. Similarly, 47 percent believe that Trump has disadvantaged African Americans through his administrative actions.

The poll also concludes that 57 percent of all American adults believe Trump is still a racist. However, when breaking down the statistics of this number, a staggering 80 percent of black folk and 75 percent of Hispanics conclude that their president is prejudiced, while nearly half of Caucasians believe the same about their Commander in Chief. 

Furthermore, 85 percent of Democrats think Trump is a racist, while, unsurprisingly, only 21 percent of Republicans agree with this sentiment. 73 percent of Democrats are convinced that his policies have been harmful for black individuals, while only 14 percent of Republicans agree with the opposing party's views. Correspondingly, 78 percent of Democrats and 25 percent of Republicans think Trump's policies are not favourable for Hispanic folk.

90 percent of African Americans disapprove of how the former businessman is handling his position as president, while 90 percent also agree that the country is headed down a bleak and unfavourable path. Additionally, 75 percent believe that Trump's particular political stance has worsened over the past year. 

In the court of public opinion, Trump has taken another L.