Like the blood-thirsty undead it's centered around, The Walking Dead keeps coming back no matter what. Yesterday, at New York Comic-Con, AMC released the first trailer for their untitled third series set in the universe of The Walking Dead. This venture is set a decade after the outbreak and it seems that a major theme will be growing up in the god-forsaken world. It's a topic thats been touched on in other zombie stories such as Cormac McCarthy's The Road or even Naughtydog's The Last of Us, but now, The Walking Dead will be going all-in by focusing the entire main-cast around kids.

Fans in the comments section seem worn out by the endless content supplied through the IP. One user writes, "Why didn’t Thanos snap his fingers hard enough." Another says, "TWD Franchise: 'Kill Me.' AMC: whisper ''” 

The release of this new trailer coincides with the news that the original Walking Dead series will be returning for an 11th season. You can catch the premiere of season 10 tonight on AMC.

While this new show feels like AMC is wringing out a wet towel for every drop of money it can get, perhaps the upcoming untitled series will be good. Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts.