After a summer of particularly heinous weather in New York, another round of flooding thanks to Hurricane Ida has sent the city into a spiral. When the weather turns like this, it’s not uncommon to see clips on social media of the streets filling up as natives and tourists wade through the water, or take cover in random awnings as the storm passes. 

While humans may not be particularly fond of their city being turned into a swimming pool, there’s a group of NYC residents who don’t seem to mind quite as much - the rats.

In a video posted to The Shade Room late on Wednesday, a rat, who at first appears to be struggling, can be seen splashing about in the water, even doing some flips as he treads.

“Rats are expert swimmers and can hold their breath for up to 3 minutes underwater,” the caption reads. “They can tread water for up to 3 days without stopping.”

It’s not clear whether the video is actually recent, but with the creatures taking over the city right now, people can’t help but laugh at how relatable it is. While the rodents remain unbothered, Twitter has been having a field day responding to the viral clip of our furry Michael Phelps.

The city of New York may be filling up with water, but at least we know the rats are prepared.

Would you be brave enough to walk through the rodent water, or are you staying dry at home through the flood? Let us know in the comments.