Last night was the NBA Draft Lottery and if you are a New York Knicks fan, it was supposed to be a great event that would mark the turning point for the franchise. With Zion Williamson on the line, the Knicks ended up getting stuck with the third overall pick, all while the New Orleans Pelicans got the first slot in the draft. It was an incredibly disappointing result for Knicks fans who were convinced all season long that they would be getting Zion Williamson. Now, it appears that they will end up with either Ja Morant or RJ Barrett who are still great college players with a ton of potential.

Since it's the Knicks we are talking about here, there were a plethora of memes at the Knicks expense circulating throughout Twitter last night. People outside of New York love to pile up on the Knicks so this barrage of memes wasn't exactly a surprise, although they were pretty hilarious nonetheless.

Knicks supporters shouldn't feel too bad right now though. It appears as though Kevin Durant wants to join the team next year and while that's not confirmed, there is still something to be hopeful for. Brighter days are surely ahead, as long as James Dolan doesn't mess it up.