Many of us will never understand what it is like to walk outside and constantly be in fear of your life. Some of us are all too aware of that feeling. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others have been victims of racism and police violence and, right now, the world is uniting in order to prevent the next hashtag. 

Protests have been taking place across the world and, in New York, a peaceful gathering on the sidewalk was broken up by a white man who threatened the lives of the young people demonstrating, keeping knives strapped to his arm before getting back in his car, turning the vehicle around, and attempting to run them over.

"So this is how anti-protestors are handling this situation," wrote Arianna Agudo, who witnessed the incident. "THIS MAN HAD 4 KNIFES TIED UP ON HIS ARM AND WAS TRYING TO STAB THIS KIDS, AND THEN HE GOT UP ON HIS CAR AND GOT ON THE SIDEWALK AND TRIED TO RUN OVER THIS PEOPLE, PEOPLE WHO ARE LESS THAN 21 YEARS OLD!"

Protestors were up against a chain-link fence, harming absolutely nobody when the middle-aged white man approached them and escalated the situation. He was reportedly arguing with several protestors about systemic racism and police violence. 

"The kids [were] just calmly protesting by just placing signs and posters, all of the sudden the guy started insulting them and the kids just started talking back defending their beliefs," she said. "He literally made a crazy U-turn, parked in front of them and started chasing them with his 4 knife weapon. After that, he got back into his car and GOT ON the sidewalk, stepped on the gas pedal and started chasing those kids with the intent of running them over. Then he just got away."

A police report has apparently been filed but no charges have been made.