The UEFA Champions League playoffs are in full swing which means all of Europe is watching with excitement as their favorite soccer clubs fight for the biggest trophy of them all. Yesterday, Paris-Saint Germain and Manchester United battled it out, with Man U coming away with a 3-1 victory. With the loss, PSG was bounced from the tournament. Perhaps one of the reasons why the team wasn't the same was because of the absence of Brazilian soccer star Neymar, who was out with a foot injury. Instead, Neymar was in the stands for the match and even went and said hello to a famous friend of his.

That's right, popular Fortnite streamer Ninja is good friends with Neymar and the two met up during the game. Neymar and Ninja took part in a Fortnite event together back in December, and have been friends ever since. Ninja was watching the game from the VIP section so he was definitely living the European soccer experience.

While Paris Saint-Germain couldn't pull off the win, it looks like both Ninja and Neymar had a good time so that at least has to count for something.

Once Neymar's foot heals, PSG will surely be back as a contender in the tournament next year.