Last night's Super Bowl was pretty dull when you really think about it. The New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams both struggled pretty heavily on offense and it took all the way until the fourth quarter for someone to finally score a touchdown. In the end, the Patriots came away victorious as they won the game 13-3. The win gave Tom Brady his sixth Super Bowl win and cemented himself as the greatest of all time. While fans weren't too happy with how the game went down, there was at least one highlight of the night which was a special Super Bowl commercial put out by the NFL itself.

The commercial had 40 current and former players gathered for a special dinner where a game of football ends up breaking out. Passes, interceptions, and huge hits are delivered throughout the commercial creating one of the best ads of the night.

One interesting fact about the commercial is that none of the players were paid to take part in it and the league didn't have to pay for the TV spot which would have cost $21.4 million according to Darren Rovell.