We are living in unprecedented times which means we must make do with our current situation. In order to get through it, many of us are spending time indoors where we are quarantined as a means to avoid the virus. Numerous sports leagues have been completely shut down as a result of the Coronavirus, including the NBA and NHL. Now, the NFL is finding themselves affected by the pandemic as their draft is set to go down between April 23rd and 25th.

In an unprecedented move, commissioner Roger Goodell has informed all of the teams that the draft will go down virtually. Yes, that's right, NFL general managers and front offices must draft players from their homes. What makes this even weirder, is the fact that team personnel can't convene at one home. They must all be in separate places.

This is a far cry from what the draft was supposed to look like. It was originally going to go down in Las Vegas on the water in front of one of the hotels. Now, the players won't even get to experience going up on stage and donning their new jerseys for the first time.

Regardless, we are living in desperate times that call for desperate measures. It won't be like this forever and for now, we just have to make do with the situation.