Joe Burrow had one of the most incredible seasons in college football history this past year and it immediately skyrocketed him in draft rankings. The LSU Heisman Trophy winner was being touted as the next first overall pick in the draft and since the Cincinnati Bengals were in need of a quarterback, he appeared to be the obvious choice. Well, the Bengals did what was right tonight as they took Burrow first overall in the inaugural virtual NFL entry draft.

The Bengals had 10 minutes to make the pick and for some odd reason, they took up over nine minutes but we guess it wouldn't be the draft without some sort of drama and intrigue.

Now, Burrow will have a chance to turn this Bengals team into legitimate contenders. Considering how bad management has been over the years, it's not going to be an easy task but he certainly has the skillset to be able to do it. If he plays like he did at LSU, he could very well become a league MVP in short order.

Let us know what you think of the pick and tell us who you're hoping your team takes in tonight's draft.