This past week, EA Sports unveiled the player ratings for Madden 20 and just as you would expect, there was a ton of debate and outrage surrounding some of the reveals. These players work extremely hard throughout the season and are typically excited to see how that work will translate to their overall ratings. Most players are pretty biased though so obviously, they feel like they should be rated much higher than they are. These expectations are rarely met and the players usually end up getting pretty salty about it all. This year was no different as NFL players flocked to Twitter with their Madden hot takes.

Some players took the ratings in stride while others suggested full-on boycotts of the popular video game. Keenan Allen was among one of the most vocal players, while Tom Brady tried to make light of his low, speed ratings. Jalen Ramsey on the other hand, was pretty happy with his overall rating of 96, especially since he was the highest-rated cornerback in the entire game.

Check out some of the best reactions to the ratings below and let us know what you thought about the reveal yesterday. Did EA Sports get this one right or should they go back to the drawing board for next year?