Just a few months ago, it looked as though Coronavirus cases in the United States were on their way down. However, a complete lack of leadership has led to some pretty abysmal infection numbers. As it stands, the country is registering over 50,000 new cases per day, as over 3 million people in American have been infected. Despite this lack of progress, sports leagues throughout the United States are preparing to mount a comeback, with some fairly obvious restrictions being implemented.

Now, the NFL is giving its players some restrictions of their own, for when the season begins in September. According to the NFL Network, players who come into contact with an infected person will need to immediately take a test, and quarantine themselves until the results come back. If positive, then the player will have to wait until the virus passes through before they can come back. In addition, players cannot exchange jerseys and have their customary handshakes after the game. 

Finally, all staff on the sidelines, except for the players and coaches, must wear a mask. These guidelines will be strictly monitored, and if any players or teams don't abide by these rules, they could face some pretty harsh penalties.

Needless to say, this upcoming season is about to be very interesting.