There have been numerous rumors floating around recently in regards to Colin Kaepernick. Following the NFL's announcement that they would begin allowing players to protest as much as they want, it became quite clear that Roger Goodell wanted Kaepernick back in the league. Ultimately, these decisions rest on the shoulders of owners and general managers throughout the league, although fans have remained optimistic that Kaepernick could get his second chance.

Earlier this week, Michael Silver of the NFL Network reported that numerous teams are interested in Kap. Now, Mike Garogolo is corroborating these reports, noting that there are rumors circulating about how some teams are making moves towards signing the star. In fact, some of these teams have begun speaking to Kaepernick's inner circle.

Colin Kaepernick

Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Tyler Perry Studios

Per Mike Garofolo:

“Teams are circling around here getting closer, I believe, certainly closer than they’ve been in recent years. Now you might say why not just go directly to Kaepernick, go directly to his agent? Why do you have to play this game where you’re working the periphery — just more of the same? That would be a fair point. My understanding, at least to explain it from a team’s perspective, is they’re still doing their homework, still doing their research. When they get to the point where they’re confident enough that they think they can work out a contract, that’s when there’ll be direct communication with the agent. But for now … we all see more positive signs that Kaepernick could be back in the league soon.”

It remains to be seen whether or not he will get a second chance, although we will be sure to report it if he does, so stay tuned.