If you've been paying attention to the sports world over the course of the last 24 hours, then you would know that the NBA recently decided to suspend play for a couple of days as a way to protest the police shooting of Jacob Blake. The protest extends well beyond just the Blake situation, as the players are trying to bring attention to centuries worth of racial injustice. It's a decision that has certainly polarized fans although many are applauding the players for using their platforms for good.

While other leagues followed the NBA's lead, the NHL disappointed fans last night as they continued to play games. Today, however, players took a stand as they contacted the league and forced a meeting where they voiced their concerns. According to NHL insider Darren Dreger, the NHL will, in fact, be postponing its playoff matches for tonight and tomorrow.

This is an unprecedented move for the NHL and it certainly comes as a surprise to fans who have come to know the league as one that is apathetic to the plight of those who are marginalized in North America.

Regardless, this is a massive step forward for a league that has refused to take action in the past.