Soulja Boy is in the news today because of his Twitter beef with WWE star Randy Orton, but he's also mentioned in headlines for something much more serious. Nia Riley, the rapper's longtime girlfriend, has said that her miscarriage was caused by Soulja Boy after he kicked her in the stomach while she was pregnant.

In a new preview clip of Nia Riley's upcoming interview with blogger Tasha K, the Love & Hip Hop star confirms that her rapper boyfriend caused her miscarriage by physically attacking her.

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

"We had an incident when I was pregnant. I feel like we always did," said Riley in the video. "He absolutely knew I was pregnant," she continues after the interviewer brings up her miscarriage. "I was, like, fifteen weeks. I don't think I had even told anybody else that I was pregnant. Truthfully, in my mind, I didn't know what to do or what I wanted to do."

Nia says that she suffered the miscarriage on the same night that Soulja Boy kicked her.

The full episode is set to air on Tuesday night, where Nia Riley will surely offer more details as to what happened, as well as more about her relationship with Soulja. If you're familiar with Tasha K, you know she asks the tough questions.

Watch the preview clip above. What do you think about Nia's allegations?