Nick Cannon recently emerged from an admittedly one-sided battle with Eminem, and it seems as if the threat of conflict proved inspiring. So much so that Cannon has officially announced a full-fledged Wild 'N Out tour, spanning fifteen dates across various American cities. As per the official Wild 'N Out Twitter page, the presale for the event is set to take place tomorrow morning; interested parties can check back here to cop tickets

It would appear that Wild 'N Out live will be touching down in Florida, North Carolina, Atlanta, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Kentucky. Though a full itinerary has yet to be unveiled, fans can expect plenty of improvisational comedy and playful battle rap bars from Cannon and company. Whether he'll find himself facing a hostile Detroit crowd, however, remains to be seen; perhaps he oughta call up Trick Trick beforehand. 

In all seriousness, it's hard to knock Nick Cannon's endless hustle. With Wild 'N Out currently moving into its 14th season, you can bet there will be plenty of people eager to catch the crew live and direct. Are you among them? 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images