Kevin Hart may be known for his hilarious jokes and insane work ethic, but his workout grind may be the most inspiring facet of his brand. It's rare to find a comedian with his own shoe (Hart is most likely the first), which proves just how dedicated Hart is to keeping in shape. If you scroll down his social media pages, videos and pictures from Hart's workout routine are scattered between posts showcasing his luxurious life. Nick Cannon, who is also on the workout grind, decided to take shots at Hart online pertaining to his gym mentality. Hart wasn't having it.

"JV vs Varsity," joked Cannon on social media after posting a picture of himself doing pull-ups. "Vacation over!!! Let's go!! Somebody call @TheRock tell him I'm on the way." Hart slid into the comment section and destroyed Cannon effortlessly. "#1 straighten your legs," began Hart, noting that Cannon was slacking on his form. "#2 turn your hands around and do it the real way #3 that Durag stinks #4 that mask is made to help with your breathing when you run jackass. So take it off during this exercise #5 The total weight of those chains are 45lbs." We have a feeling that this is far from over.