Nick Cannon had time last night. The Wild 'N Out host decided to clap back at a hater on Twitter who was talking reckless about him and his show.

It started with a girl’s initial tweet, which read “one of my consumers watched Wild N Out episodes for 6 hours today. Can officially say that is one of the most annoying shows in the universe to overhear from the other room @NickCannon u suck.”

Well of course the tweet caught Nick’s attention, who then decided to put her the girl in her place, writing: “Why, too many talented people of color and minorities enjoying themselves??? 🤔”

Despite Nick’s clapback, the woman didn't back down and stood by her words. She called Nick out for putting words in her mouth and trying to bring race into it. “Look at you, trying to bring up race 😂 I was talking about YOU, how terrible ur rapping and freestyles are. The special guests are the only funny ones but you yell-rap over them anyways soooo,” she added.

Nick has yet to respond to the woman a second time, but she appeared to have been effected somewhat because she’s still tweeting about it today (see below).