As the saying goes: trust not the man in the mankini, for his mind works in mysterious ways. Nick Cannon, that shifty gentleman, somehow managed to transform into a lightning rod overnight. After taking his longrunning feud with Eminem to the booth, a twist that nobody really saw coming, all things Cannon seemed to multiply overnights. Stories featuring his name exploded, and he quickly found himself reaping the benefits of a publicized beef with Eminem. And yet, with such peaks come an equal number of valleys; not only did Em's massive fan army roll through and lay waste to Cannon's dignity, but 50 Cent soon thrust himself into the fray as Em's consigliere. 

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Today, perhaps sensing a slow news day this holiday Monday, 50 Cent uploaded an unflattering picture of Nick Cannon confidently donning a mankini, his face and pose suggestive in nature. Despite Fif's status as a formidable cyberbully, arguably the best of the bunch, Cannon wasted little time in firing off a retort of his own, choosing to do battle in an arena of 50's choosing -- Instagram, with memes being the weapon of choice. 

Once again looking to the cinematic canon of Quentin Tarantino for inspiration, Cannon continued to liken 50 Cent to Samuel L. Jackson's notorious Django Unchained character Stephen, a slave unapologetically loyal to Leonardo DiCaprio's Calvin Candie. "@50Cent since Massa is incapacitated we cordially invite you to come to the show @mtvwildnout and get his smoke!!" laughs Nick, once again looking to capitalize on the beef by way of Wild N Out ratings. While it's unlikely that 50 takes that particular line of bait, it's equally unlikely he takes the racially charged disrespect lying down. Look for this one to carry on throughout the day -- who'd have thunk "Bagpipes From Bagdhad" would have sparked such madness?