While continuing on with his efforts to reconcile with the Jewish community, Nick Cannon made a surprising revelation about his family tree. The media mogul recently faced an onslaught of backlash after he made disparaging comments about Jewish people, but he came forward to apologize for his statements and since then, he's been on a crusade to learn as much as he can from community leaders. On Monday (August 10), Cannon appeared on the American Jewish Committee’s online program AJC Advocacy Anywhere and shared that he'd recently found out that he has Jewish roots.

Nick Cannon, Jewish, Rabbi, Spanish
Matt Winkelmeyer / Staff / Getty Images

Last month, following his controversy, ViacomCBS decided to cut ties with Cannon after decades of working together. After the shocking disbanding of a longtime partnership, Cannon told Rabbi Noam Marans that he was told about his family's history by his mother. “My great-grandfather was a Spanish rabbi. He’s a Sephardic Jewish man."

“So, as much heat as I’ve been catching from the public and the outside, this hit home for my family in a real way because I come from a Black and Jewish family on my mother’s side," Cannon revealed. “A lot of people may have been upset that I apologized, but I feel like that’s what someone of true character is actually supposed to do when they hurt someone. Now, let’s get through this process of truth and reconciliation."