Things got a little tense on a recent episode of Cannon's Class. Nick Cannon has been sharing episodes from his series where he speaks one-on-one with influential and controversial figures as they pick apart topics, some taboo, that are usually difficult conversations to have in a society that breeds Cancel Culture. Yesterday (October 12), American citizens were divided as they celebrated either Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day. There has been a call for the U.S. government to disassociate itself with Christopher Columbus as the public has pointed out history that includes pillaging, rape, and genocide.

Nick Cannon discussed Columbus's sordid history on Cannon's Class where he sat down with anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi White supremacist Richard Spencer who rose to fame for his outspoken leadership in the ongoing alt-right movement. The two men spoke about Columbus, and while Cannon took a stance against honoring the explorer, Spencer applauded Columbus for being an amazing man.

Spencer was also asked why he would support allowing statues honoring leaders such as Columbus and simply, the neo-Nazi stated that they were "great" people. However, Cannon argued that they may have accomplished feats that are to be admired, but they stand on the wrong side of history. Check out a clip from the episode below.