Aside from his high-profile marriage to Mariah Carey and his relationship with Christina Milian many years ago, we don't hear Nick Cannon sharing much about his romances. He had a son with Miss Universe Guam model Brittany Bell, and it's said that the couple-former-couple are expecting another child soon. The news seemed to be confirmed by supermodel Jessica White who, just a few months ago, popped up on Instagram declaring her undying love for Cannon with tastefully stripped-down pictures with the media mogul, but just weeks later, she shared that they were no longer together following news of Brittany Bell's pregnancy.

Yesterday (October 8), Cannon celebrated his 40th birthday and received thousands of well wishes, including a heart-warming tribute from Kehlani. Brittany dropped off a dedication to Cannon that included a topless pregnancy photo that also showed Cannon with his hand on her belly.

"So many things to say and so many things that don't even need to be said," Brittany wrote. "All I know is I'm glad God put you on earth same time as me. So much to celebrate beyond one day. You are a victory. Each year is a victory lap. [Love] running with you. #happybirthday." In the caption, Bell added, "'Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.' - Coretta Scott King." Check out her post below.