Radio host Nick Cannon took a walk down memory lane recently on his Power 106 morning show. Cannon was chatting with fellow talk show host Tamron Hall about pop culture controversies, but during their discussion, the pair revealed that years ago they missed their sliding doors opportunity at romance. Things obviously didn't work out, but not because Tamron wasn't interested.

Tamron Hall Nick Cannon Mornings
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

Tamron is a big fan of the clothing line Alaïa, just like Nick's ex-wife Mariah Carey, so Cannon bought her a gift from the brand. "I was shooting my shot... She was single," said Nick. Tamron claims that someone stole Tamron's token of affection—a scarf. "I was single at the time and I would have taken his shot," Tamron admitted. "Nick said, 'Did you get my gift?' and I said, 'No.'"

The question prompted Tamron to go "through the Today show like a tornado." She added, "Someone stole Nick Cannon's gift to me! I DM'd him thank you. He never replied. That was rude." Cannon didn't know and said he was confused as to why he never heard back from Tamron. "I was heartbroken," said Tamron. "I wrote you back and I said, 'Nick, thank you so much, I still can't find it. You didn't reply."

"I didn't see that DM 'til like, a year later," Cannon said with a laugh. Check out the clip from their recent interview below.