Nick Cannon was asked to bear down on the hypotheticals concerning a streetfight with Kanye West. Although Nick Cannon assures Raq Rants' host Raquel Harper that he has no intention of engaging Kanye West in a physical altercation, the Wild 'n Out star insisted nonetheless that his rapper-peer is overmatched, pointing to his personal gym as further evidence of a physical advantage.

It should be noted, Nick Cannon and Kanye West are reportedly on good terms after squashing their disagreement over Kim Kardashian. Back in September, Kanye West took offense to Nick Cannon talking about his wife's body in an interview with VladTV. Nick Cannon told Vlad he wished to exorcise a few "things that were not sitting right" with his spirit, including the godforsaken speech about Kim's body. The rest is history.

Within the same Raq Rants segment, host Raquel Harper asked Nick Cannon to predict a winner in a Kanye West vs. Drake streetfight. Much to Hunter's surprise, Cannon sided with Kanye West on one condition: a motivated fighter can overcompensate for a difference in weight.

Drake is clearly more imposing than Kanye on a physical level. However, Nick Cannon did insist upon a little history before changing his focus. His assertion: had Diddy slapped Kanye West as he allegedly did Drake in 2014, the outcome of their prospective fight would be a helluva lot different. By the looks of it, Nick Cannon doesn't mind playing the jester for a few bucks, even at the risk of upsetting yet another manic episode, from whomever it may concern - this time and last.