NFL insiders Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen spoke at length this morning about a range of football-related issues (including the Super Bowl) on the latest episode of ESPN Postseason NFL Countdown. Of interest to Philadelphia Eagles' fans in particular, and other NFL franchises lacking a bonafide starting quarterback were the rumors concerning Nick Foles future interests.

Schefter seems to think the Philadelphia Eagles are leaning towards putting the franchise tag on Foles, in order to control his movement. If they don't, they have one of two options going into next season: pay him big bucks if only to supplant Carson Wentz of his starting berth in the immediate future. The other is just as unappealing to diehard Eagle fans: allowing Nick Foles a deserved starting berth someplace else. Notice how, within the framework of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, there is simply to room to house both Nick Foles and Carson Wentz under one roof.

Chris Mortensen seconded Schefter's notion by adding his own prediction as to what would transpire in the event of a franchise tender. "And where he winds up, I think what the Eagles would like to see is something develop with the Jacksonville Jaguars because John DeFilippo is now down there as the offensive coordinator, Mortensen contended. "He was the Eagles’ quarterback coach a year ago when they won the Super Bowl. But Foles knows, and his representatives, that this is a business. He’s not going to play nice with the Eagles."

And if you think a scenario in which the Eagles "franchise" Foles then trade him to the Jaguars is unrealistic, consider this: The Pittsburgh Steelers are considering going down the same route and using the franchise tag on wantaway running back Le'Veon Bell. What would you do if you were in the Eagles' precarious position?