Nick Foles and the Chicago Bears have been having a phenomenal season thus far as the team is currently near the top of the NFC North standings, with a record of 5-1. Foles has been a large factor in this success as he came in to replace Mitch Trubisky after a fairly lackluster start to the season. Yesterday, the Bears got to play against the Carolina Panthers, who they beat in a relatively tight contest.

After the match, Foles was interviewed by reporters and he seemed to be quite fired up. In fact, reporters were surprised at just how excited he was acting. This led to Foles admitting that he had just listened to "Dreams And Nightmares" by Meek Mill, in the locker room. Having won a championship in Philadelphia a few years ago, Foles understands just how motivating this song is.

"It reminded me of Philly a little bit," Foles said "So that, I'm not going to lie, that got my juices going. So, shout out to Meek [...] I might've got up and danced a little bit. I'm used to -- I'm more like country, maybe some Christian rap. But I'll tell you what, if Meek comes on with that song, I get rollin.'"

Moving forward, perhaps Foles will have to play some Meek Mill prior to every game. At this point, it seems as though this is what will put the Bears over the edge, this season.