Nick Nurse is one of the more fiery coaches in the entire NBA and he is always making sure to make a case for his players whenever there is a bad call on the court. At times, however, this behavior can be detrimental, especially with all of the safety protocols that are in place right now as a direct result of COVID-19.

Case in point, Nurse was livid Friday night after a call in the midst of a game against the likes of the Utah Jazz. After the match, Nurse claimed the refs didn't want his Raptors to win the game. Not to mention, at one point, Nurse even threw his mask into the stands in frustration. Of course, the NBA didn't like this and fined the head coach $50,000.

Nick Nurse

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The NBA is very strict with its mask rules these days and understandably so. In the middle of a pandemic, safety is everything and by throwing your mask into the stands, you are putting people at risk. Not to mention, the NBA hates it when coaches and players critique the referees, so this type of fine should not have come as a surprise.

Moving forward, the Nurse will certainly have to learn his lesson or risk getting fined numerous times over.

Nick Nurse

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