After spending three years with the Alabama Crimson Tide, quarterback Jalen Hurts decided to move on to play with the Oklahoma Sooners. Hurts had been the starter for the better part of two years, but was replaced by Tua Tagovailoa in the National Championship game in 2017, and pretty much played second fiddle to him this season.

Hurts wanted to be a starter so he took his talents to Oklahoma for the final season of his eligibility. Alabama coach Nick Saban hadn't commented on the situation, but finally broke his silence in an exclusive interview with CBS on Thursday.

“I think this was the best thing for Jalen,” Saban told CBS 42‘s Simone Eli. “We have a great relationship, and I think he had several options as to what was the best path for him and for him to go someplace and be able to play on a good team, I think, is probably the best thing for him and his future."

“So, we appreciate so much all that he’s done for the University of Alabama, our program. The way he managed this year was really unprecedented and I think he showed a tremendous amount of class and I’m really, really proud of him and wish him well,” Saban continued.

The Crimson Tide just came off a loss to the Clemson Tigers in the National Championship game, but are ranked second in the NCAA heading into the 2019 season.