NBA champion Nick Young has been accused of stealing a Kobe Bryant tribute t-shirt design and selling it under his own brand, Most Hated.

The original designer of the shirt, Daviid Minor, claims that he sent Young a freebie because he knew how much the former Laker loved Kobe Bryant. However, Minor alleges that Young later blocked him on social media and began selling his own version of the shirt, as outlined in the screenshots embedded below.

After being called out for ripping off the Kobe tribute design, Young's "Most Hated" brand accused the designer of trying to profit of Kobe's death, despite the fact that the dude stated proceeds would be donated to the Mamba & Mambacita Foundation. The messages shared on the "Most Hated" IG story are as follows:

"Anyone who wins and supports people who try to make money with people who are no longer here, since they have no connection with him and only make money to be a jerk [100%], there is no place for that in this world."

"I'm not here for people to try to make money with Kobe and if you support that it's bullshit. If you don't have any history with him and just do things to make money with him, it's a suction."

Swaggy P also added the following note from his personal twitter account: "We live in a world where ppl can say what they want and it’s no consequence ... so instead of trying to prove ppl wrong I said to myself what would 50 cent do in this situation lol. Sue ..."