Now that we are all couped up in quarantine, tensions are pretty high. Even the smallest little thing can set us over the edge and make us lash out in pure anger. Perhaps the easiest way to get people upset is through your actions on the road. Of course, road rage has led to numerous fights over the years and even with social distancing being touted, there is no stopping people from beating the ever-living hell out of each other following a car accident.

Former NBA star Nick Young knows all about this as he almost found himself in a kerfuffle with none other than JaVale McGee. As Young explained on Twitter, he was driving when all of a sudden, he almost hit someone. Young was ready to fight until he realized that he almost ran into none other than McGee.

"I almost killed @JaValeMcGee just now .. what are the odds we almost hit each-other driving," Young wrote. "I’m ready to cus someone out in full road rage mode .. he roll down his window Its javale man wtf . we just started laughing. Damn I wish he would’ve hit me I need some cash."

This is a pretty funny coincidence although we're just glad everyone is okay. These are tough times right now and you would hate to see anyone get into a fight over a potential traffic accident.